Benefits of Children Learning Guitar

There’s no doubt about it- kids are fast learners. In our early years, there’s so much that we need to take in, from how to read and write, to important social skills that will help us in later life. For that reason, children tend to learn things much faster than we expect- especially when it comes to picking up a musical instrument. If your child has an interest in learning guitar, then there’s no better time to start than right now! Children don’t put limitations on themselves, and for that reason, with a little commitment and the right guidance, you’ll soon have your own little guitar hero on your hands.


However, as well as developing a proficiency with the instrument, there are also plenty of other benefits that come with learning guitar. First of all, it could help improve their academic abilities in other subjects, too. For instance, math and music are closely linked, since music is all about beats and rhythm, which puts division into practice and teaches them in a way that they can more easily understand. They will also use all sorts of different memory techniques to learn guitar, such as mnemonics and rhymes, which they can also use when it comes to learning other subjects.


With just a little focus, children discover just how much they can accomplish when they set their minds to it. What makes learning guitar different from other subjects is that it involves a lot more first-hand learning. The teacher will show the child how to play different chords or songs and improve their playing ability in a fun, accessible way.  Learning guitar is a great gateway to improved academic performance across the board. If your child is finding it difficult to apply themselves at school, then learning guitar could completely change the way they approach these other subjects- and give them a much-needed confidence boost, too.


In addition, the instrument can also be a valuable way of helping a child to develop their own sense of identity. This issue isn’t just something that kids wrestle with- many adults spend years and countless thousands of dollars on expensive therapy to try and pursue and reach their “true” identity. The fact is, the adult world can be a tough place- so if a child has already forged a strong sense of identity, they will be better equipped to hold on to that as the years go by, and therefore live a happier, more fulfilling life.

As you can see, then, there are plenty of benefits to children learning guitar. The skills and discipline that they will develop will never leave them, and they’ll be able to draw on them time and again as they grow up. Put your child on the path to success and fulfilment, and give them a hobby that they will really love!




James Maxwell is a professional musician and owner of Northville Guitar Lessons, a guitar school providing guitar lessons in Livonia, Plymouth, Novi, Canton and Northville Michigan