The Most Effective Guitar Technique That Will Instantly Improve Your Playing

Blake Stevenson


Guitar techniques. There are limitless ways to apply them and doing so definitely sets you apart from the common guitar player. They allow you to “speak” instead of endlessly playing scales that in the end just sound like exercises. There is one technique that if mastered, will not only separate you from the common guitar player, but will also make you stand out even next to the most seasoned of players. The technique that I am referring to is none other than vibrato.


Think of any singer. Chances are that when they hit a particularly high note, they aren’t just holding the straight pitch and yelling into the microphone. Most of the time they are moving their voice up and down centered around the original pitch/note. Now think of any guitar player that’s gone down in history as being one of the best (Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Slash, etc). What makes their playing so impactful is not the number of notes, but the way the notes are being played.


What makes vibrato so powerful is that it takes any single note and breathes new life into whatever setting that note has been placed. Take any lick and add vibrato to it and you will see the emotional impact that it brings instantly. I have seen time and time again where guitar players play passages that are technically speaking very impressive, but it lacks any emotional melodic value that a lot of listeners unknowingly crave. Vibrato is the easiest, most effective way to satisfy that craving. 


Benefits to learning and using vibrato

  • New Ways to play the same old notes
  • Your playing will sound like music instead of scales
  • Your playing will begin to have its own unique voice

What are you waiting for? Vibrato! Master it! 


About the Author

Blake Stevenson is a guitar instructor based out of Cleburne, Texas. With his unorthodox approach to soloing, he has helped many guitar players achieve new heights.

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